Nissan Nismo Hospitality

Le Mans, France

Nissan wanted a groundbreaking mobile environment to promote its GTA initiative with PlayStation. 
What does it take to be a Nismo race driver? I gave guests a chance to find out with a series of interactive zones that put them to the test. The floor plan incorporated two wings either side of a 40-foot lorry. 

We drew people in with their natural desire to compete. Guests experienced first-hand how the Nismo team prepares its drivers. A BATAK tested hand-eye coordination and a Mynd Play headset measured brainwaves to test reaction times. After checking height, weight, BMI, heart rate and pressure, the guest with the best stats was cleared to drive the Nismo Le Mans simulator. There was also a zone displaying race car parts.

The Lab was busy throughout, with guests enthusing in Nismo TV interviews. The Lab also served as a centre of operations for the race team and a location when the GTA (Gran Turismo Academy) doc was aired on ITV4.