Michelin interactive engagements

Festival of Speed, Goodwood

Michelin traditionally attracts visitors by displaying supercars. They wanted more interactivity and brand storytelling, so I suggested engagements that would create awareness through play. These activations - with tyres at their core - had wide appeal and entertained younger race fans, as well as influencing decison-makers to buy.

The Michelin Man Magic Mirror gave everyone a chance to become the iconic characer, with younger guests relishing in making him dance ’the floss'. The Virtual Reality pit stop had 4 stations around a race car so guests could test their skills in a virtual race. The Augmented Reality tyre selector allowed guests to choose their car type and see it driving on a road in different weather conditions. The correct Michelin tyre was then suggested for them to purchase, with the info sent via email. Their bike-lean display, where fans hang onto a low-angle Moto GP bike, was made more exhilarating with floor screens showing an animated race track. I also designed an offline digital kiosk that ran on mounted iPads in the Michelin Boutique, so guests could browse merchandise.