Aston Martin 60th anniversary

Aston Martin Works, Newport Pagnell

Aston Martin was marking 60 years at its Newport Pagnell site. The challenge was to create a glamorous party within a workshop. The site is functional, so needed to be returned to its working state the next day. This meant no fittings could be moved.

I devised theming that featured one iconic car per decade. Large branded voiles hung from the original ceiling tracks and created zones for guests to wander in and out of. Each displayed a car, along with a light box featuring content from that decade. The client wanted to celebrate the people behind the brand, so each bay also had a graphic panel telling one worker's story. The main ‘reveal' was a new Aston Martin Vanquish with its engine cast from the alloys of 6 classic models from 6 decades.

Guests - many of whom were regulars to the AM works site - remarked on the transformation. The storytelling elements worked really well, with many commenting on how bringing the human side of Aston Martin to life made them feel closer to the brand.

-� Max Earey – Aston Martin Works075_A
-� Max Earey – Aston Martin Works069_A
-� Max Earey – Aston Martin Works003_A
-� Max Earey – Aston Martin Works068_A